Hungry Squirrel Nut Butter

I’m on a mission to eat more local and organic food. It’s not always possible for me but when I can I’ll pay the extra few £s because I’d rather help local businesses than the big brands you see being sold in the supermarkets.

I found this nut butter at a little health food shop in Aberdeen and was really excited to see that it was made just down the road. There are a variety of flavours but I chose the abc nut butter (almond, brazil nut and cashew with a hint of sea salt). They also have a cashew cookie one which I’m going to try the next time.

This nut butter is all natural ingredients with nothing unnecessary in there. It goes really well in porridge, on toast and I’m going to try making some brownies or something with it! Just wanted to let anyone near the Aberdeen area know that this is available in some smaller shops and it’s totally worth it of you’re thinking of trying it out!

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