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Homemade Face Moisturiser!

Ok so I’m expecting a few eye rolls when I tell people that you can make your own moisturiser, at home, with just 1 compulsory ingredient. Now I’m aware this probably isn’t suitable for those suffering with specific skin conditions, I don’t think it would do any harm but I reckon sticking to your established skincare routine if it works is the best option. At the moment my skin is alright, so I’m going to make and use this while I can!

The great things about making your own moisturiser are that you definitely get a lot more for your money, it’s completely natural and you know exactly what went into it (because you were there). This is fab for if you’re aiming towards cruelty free skincare & are just looking to put less chemicals on your face.

So all you really need is…

1 cup of coconut oil! Best to get the odourless one if you don’t want to smell of coconut. Optional ingredients are a few drops of essential oils & vitamin E extract/oil (but to be honest who actually has that?)

What you need to do is put the coconut oil into a blender, blend for about 5 minutes until it’s really smooth and looks like face cream. Then you can take it out and put it into a container (maybe your old moisturiser one) add a few drops of essential oils and mix it in, then that’s it! Just seal the container tight so that it keeps, and don’t leave the tub in direct sunlight because the oil will melt. It really does do the job! Coconut oil is meant to be good for other beauty products too which I plan to investigate further…