Eco-Friendly Period Products in the UK!

**I was gifted these products but am reviewing them because I genuinely love them and know that some of my readers would too

The idea of having an environmentally friendly period sounds a little bit strange, but if you’re an avid user of the leading brand tampons & pads then it’s likely you’re going to use over 10,000 single use period products in your life-time!!

Tampons are made of plastic!

Did you also realise that these leading brands of sanitary products are mostly made of plastic & other synthetic products? The plastic that we know is so damaging to the environment & takes years and years to degrade, but we are continuing to put that in or near one of the most fragile parts of our body? Doesn’t make much sense does it!

The Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are one of the best things to solve this problem, there are so many brands out there to try that it can be a bit confusing which to choose!

Also, lots of people haven’t yet transitioned onto a menstrual cup. If you have a heavier period it can be a bit scary trying to use one of these! So another way to change to an eco-friendly alternative is a new brand of premium hygiene sustainable period products in the UK called grace & green.

Grace & Green

Grace & Green is a company based in the UK and is focused on giving women premium period products which are:

  • Organic
  • Very sustainable
  • Ethically made
  • Biodegradable

Here are the products which arrive in a box, to your door! You can order on a one off or monthly/quarterly subscription service. The packaging is gorgeous and discrete making it perfect for carrying around in your bag & travelling with.

Some facts about grace & green

If you look on her website, you can find loads of information about the company & their values. Here are some of the main points which I LOVE about this company:

What I personally like about the products

  1. They are literally as good as other brands which don’t produce environmentally friendly products
  2. The pads & liners are comfy & absorb really well!
  3. Just less waste involved – no plastic applicators and minimal packaging!

So if you’re looking for a new alternative to period products – check out this brand & if you do try it let me know what you think in the comments/if you’re aiming to have a more environmentally friendly period 😁😁 xxx